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Technical Marketing of Electronic Design Automation Software Products

ASIC Design & Marketing has extensive experience developing software system products for C to HDL translation, Verilog/VHDL synthesis, macro libraries, and automated ASIC/FPGA placement and route. This group of creative engineering experts has performed market analysis, customer surveys, and competitive product benchmarks, in addition to providing "expert-user" feedback and generating effective sales collateral for several Fortune 500 companies, Xilinx, and LSI Logic. As founding CEO of CompiLogic, Dr. Soderman created and successfully implemented the business development and marketing strategy for this C to Verilog product EDA startup company, funded with internal and institutional venture capital.

Product Development and Marketing for Re-use of IP Designs

Creating an Intellectual Property Macro Design business requires a broad range of technical and marketing/sales experience. ASIC Design & Marketing has worked with Verilog synthesizable IP macro design customers and developers. This collective engineering talent is available to verify functionality, create technical and sales collateral, and package previously created Intellectual Property Design Macros for FPGA and ASIC products.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California
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