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ASIC DESIGN & MARKETING provides an objective source of information and guidance. We have worked closely with multiple FPGA & EDA manufacturers creating new products for timing driven Synthesis/Compilation, Simulation, and Automated PlaceRoute.

In 1990 Dr. Donald Soderman organized a group of industry experts as ASIC Design & Marketing affiliates, offering their combined expertise for consulting services.

This group has helped engineers rapidly incorporate new FPGA hardware in their products by providing assistance in software simulation, synthesis, and FPGA/ASIC IC implementation.

ASIC Design & Marketing has provided engineering and marketing assistance to AT&T/Lucent Technologies, IBM, Motorola, Quick Logic, and numerous Electronic Design Automation developers, as well as multiple system product companies using ASICs, FPGAs and CPLDs.

Dr. Soderman has held marketing and engineering management positions at Cadence, C-Level Design, Xilinx, Intel, LSI Logic, and IBM. He was chairman of JEDEC Gate Array and other industry standards committees. He has multiple patents in semiconductor device structures and EDA "C-level" design software. He has been session chairman and organized/presented at many IEEE Conferences (Custom IC, International Solid State Circuits, Integrated Circuit Computer Aided Design, ELECTRO, COMPCON, WESCON, DesignCon, International Verilog Conference, and FPGA Configurable Computing Machine Conference) and Computer Society Workshops.

Dr. Soderman has provided expert testimony in multiple patent and ASIC business litigation cases.

ASIC Design & Marketing is located near San Jose, CA, headquarters for many CPLD, FPGA, & EDA companies in Silicon Valley, and does business world-wide.

To learn more about how ASIC Design & Marketing can help you develop products with ASIC & FPGA hardware, send email to

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